The NFL trade deadline in 2021 is on November 2nd.  By that time, the Pittsburgh Steelers could very well be hopelessly out of the playoff race.  With games at home versus the Seahawks and Broncos, and a road game at Cleveland, this team could be staring at a 1-6 record by Halloween.  Even a best case scenario of them going 2-1 leaves the team under five hundred at the doorstep of the trade deadline.

The best course of action would be to begin the long past due rebuild of this franchise.  The first step in that process would be to attempt to move on from some veterans, and hope to recoup some draft capital for the future.  Here are five veteran players the Steelers could possibly trade for draft picks at the deadline.

1.  Cam Heyward:

As much as this pains us to say this, Cam Heyward is the biggest asset this team has to trade at the deadline.  At 32 years old, there aren’t many years left at a high level for the Steelers defensive tackle.  Any rebuild would certainly take longer than what Heyward has left to give unfortunately.  This is a player who could possibly bring the Steelers as a high as a third round pick in return.  At this point Heyward deserves a shot at a title with an actual contender after all these years.

2.  Joe Haden:

There are very few teams in the NFL who couldn’t use a capable veteran corner like Joe Haden.  Any playoff contender would be thrilled to add an experienced player like this at such a crucial position on the field.  Kevin Colbert could easily spin Haden into possibly as high as a fourth round pick.

3.  Ju Ju Smith Schuster:

It’s pretty clear that Ju Ju Smith Schuster will not be back in Pittsburgh next season.  His “brand” has suffered immeasurable damage this season, not to mention his overall value in the free agent market.  Unfortunately for the Steelers, that also applies to his trade value.  At this point Colbert would be lucky to get a mid round pick for Smith-Schuster.  Maybe he can call his old friends with the Raiders and swindle them out of another high draft choice?

4.  Melvin Ingram:

We all know how valuable edge rushers are in the NFL.  There will be no shortage of teams willing to add one at the NFL trade deadline.  It’s a decent bet this team could get a fifth round pick for Melvin Ingram.  Considering this team has no picks at all between the 3rd and 7th rounds, that pick sure would come in handy.

5.  Ben Roethlisberger:

I know what you’re thinking, what team would give up anything for Ben Roethlisberger the way he is playing right now?  Well, let’s wait three more weeks and see if any starting quarterbacks go down before we make that decision.  One injury to a contending team’s quarterback, and suddenly Ben Roethlisberger has trade value.  Even a team like the Denver Broncos might be interested.  We all know John Elway’ s love affair with over the hill quarterbacks.