The Pittsburgh Steelers announced that Mason Rudolph will start the second straight preseason game Thursday night.  This comes as a bit of a surprise considering most thought Dwayne Haskins would get his shot with at least some of the starters.  That is unless you consider that a Mason Rudolph trade may be in the works.  It certainly appears that the team may be showcasing its backup quarterback so that the league can get a look at him under the best possible circumstances. There aren’t many teams, if any, that would consider Rudolph for a starting position.  There are however a number of clubs that could use an upgrade to their backup quarterback position.

We have some precedent from Kevin Colbert in a move like this.  He flipped Josh Dobbs to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a fifth round pick towards the end of the preseason in 2019.  Speaking of Dobbs, both he and Dwayne Haskins are having excellent camps so far according to reports.  With that in mind, it makes sense that the team might shop Mason Rudolph around to see what his value is.

Colbert may be trying to fleece some desperate club out of a fourth round pick.  This wouldn’t even be the biggest heist of his career as general manager. (See the AB and Martavis Bryant trades). Rudolph would help that cause immensely with a good performance against the Eagles Thursday night.  At worst, another fifth round pick is not out of the question.  There are several teams that could use an upgrade at backup quarterback.  The Rams, Lions, Vikings, and Jets are just a few teams that come to mind.

We wrote earlier that Mason Rudolph was one of the players with the most to prove this preseason. Top five players with the most to lose in the Steelers first preseason game.  Maybe it’s the most to prove to the thirty one other franchises in this league.  It would not surprise us in the least if he were to end up being traded at some point this off-season.  Another decent performance against the Eagles Thursday night might mean the end of the Mason Rudolph era in Pittsburgh.