Here we go with our week 10 NFL power rankings.  We had some wild finishes, and some significant upsets this past Sunday.  That will lead to some major movement in our rankings.  Let’s get started:

The Elite:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0)

2. Kansas City Chiefs (8-1)

3. New Orleans Saints (7-2)

That’s it.  We have narrowed the Elite category down to three teams.  The rest of the teams are just too flawed.  Pittsburgh held serve by thrashing the Cincinnati Bengals.  The Saints won, but paid a heavy price.  Quarterback Drew Brees suffered multiple rib fractures, and is out at least two weeks.  That’s awful news for New Orleans considering how tight the NFC South race is this year.

Playoff Lock:

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)

5. Buffalo Bills (7-3)

6. Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

7. Green Bay Packers (7-2)

8. Miami Dolphins (6-3)

9. Arizona Cardinals (6-3)

10. Los Angeles Rams (6-3)

11. Seattle Seahawks (6-3)

The Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals played an epic game on Sunday.  A last second miracle touchdown throw by Kyler Murray vaulted the Cardinals to victory.  Both these teams are solidly in the top ten in our week 10 NFL power rankings.   If you have followed us all along, we have been warning that the Seahawks are a very flawed football team.  NFL Power Rankings by Steelers Sanctuary: Week 9 uaThey have now lost two in a row.  The Dolphins made the right choice at coach (Brian Flores), and the right choice at quarterback (Tua Tagovailoa).  Those decisions are paying dividends as the Dolphins are red hot.

In The Hunt:

12. Indianapolis Colts (6-3)

13. Cleveland Browns (6-3)

14. Las Vegas Raiders (6-3)

15. Tennessee Titans (6-3)

16. New England Patriots (4-5)

17. Minnesota Vikings (4-5)

The Indianapolis Colts took a big step towards the playoffs with their win over the Titans last Thursday night.    New England  did the Steelers a huge favor by upsetting the Baltimore Ravens Sunday night.  They got themselves back in the AFC East hunt, while giving Pittsburgh the inside track on the AFC North title.  Minnesota is suddenly very frisky.  They may just ride Dalvin Cook all the way to a playoff spot.

NFL Purgatory:

18. Chicago Bears (5-5)

19. Detroit Lions (4-5)

20. San Francisco 49ers (4-6)

21. Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1)

22. Atlanta Falcons (3-6)

23. Denver Broncos (3-7)

24. Carolina Panthers (3-7)

There are so many bad teams in the NFL this year.  The Eagles are in the worst division in NFL history, and still might not make the playoffs.  Chicago continues to free fall its way into the “Tanking for Trevor” category.  They may have the worst quarterback situation in the league.

Tanking for Trevor:

25. New York Giants (3-7)

26. Cincinnati Bengals (2-6-1)

27. Los Angeles Chargers (2-7)

28. Houston Texans (2-7)

29. Washington Football Team (2-7)

30. Dallas Cowboys (2-7)

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8)

32. New York Jets (0-9)

How does a week go by without the Cowboys and Jets not losing?  Both teams  have byes, that’s how.  Houston is such a mess.  Not only are they one of the worst teams in the league, they also traded both their first and second round picks to Miami.  The New York Giants may end up in the playoffs with a losing record.  Now that we think about it, any of the three NFC East teams in this category could be a playoff team.  What a year 2020 has been!