It’s time.  Time for the Steelers to reunite with one of the most exciting players they have had in the last ten years.  Its time to bring back Martavis Bryant.  

By now we know all the issues that come with this player.  His failed drug tests have found him on indefinite suspension by the NFL.  Bryant has since applied for reinstatement into the league.

In years past, there wouldn’t be much hope for reinstatement this quickly.  However, the NFL has a new collective bargaining agreement in place.  This new CBA has a much more relaxed stance on marijuana, which is Bryant’s drug of choice. With this in mind, there may actually be a very good chance that Bryant is back in the NFL come September.

From the Steelers point of view, they would have very little to lose by brining in Bryant as part of their 90 man off-season roster.  We have talked endlessly on this site about the lack of speed on the offensive side of the ball for this team.  Steelers offense has a need for speed

Speed is one thing that Martavis Bryant has in abundance.  In fact, he has all the athletic traits one would want in an NFL receiver.  No one ever doubted his physical skills, it has always been the inability to stay clean that has derailed the talented receiver’s career.  With the chances of being suspended gone, Bryant suddenly becomes a viable option once again.  In case anyone has forgotten his immense talent, here’s a little reminder

Taking a flyer on this player makes all the sense in the world.  There would only be a league minimum contract for a player like this who would be coming off suspension.  For a team like the Steelers who are up against the cap, thats a big plus.  The new CBA rules on marijuana practically remove the fear of any further suspensions.  With that out of the way, Bryant can now try to rejuvenate a once promising career.  Imagine a player anywhere close to the 2015 Martavis Bryant playing for the current team. It all makes perfect sense as long as Bryant hasn’t totally burned his bridges in Pittsburgh.  The team has nothing to lose, but plenty to gain if they were to bring back Martavis Bryant.