Tight end will be among the top positions to focus on for the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers off-season targets. Having said that, an interesting story popped up this week in the NFL.   As recently reported by the NFL Network, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten wants to play another season in 2020. (http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102379/article/jason-witten-wants-to-play-in-20-may-leave-cowboys)  He also admitted that he may have to look elsewhere in order to find work next season.

This is a player the Steelers should keep an eye on should Dallas decide to move on.  Pittsburgh may be in the market for a cheap, veteran tight end if they decide to make Vance McDonald a cap casualty.  McDonald is among a handful of veterans likely to get cut for cap reasons this offseason.Setting the odds on Steelers players returning for 2020


After skipping all of 2018 to peruse a broadcasting career, Jason Witten made a decent comeback this past season.  He managed 63 receptions for 529 yards, and four touchdowns.  Not bad for a 37 year old tight coming off missing a full season.  That’s also significantly better than Vance McDonald’s 38/273/2 stat line from 2019.


Kevin Colbert will be on the hunt for affordable veterans to fill out his roster when the free agency period starts.  Last season, Witten signed a one year $4.25 million dollar contract with the Dallas Cowboys.  He would likely to earn slightly less than that on another one or two year deal for this upcoming year.  The Steelers would love to get him on a two year, $6 million dollar deal.  Anything north of that, and Colbert would have to look elsewhere for his tight end needs.

The Skinny:

All signs point to Jason Witten finding a new team if he is to continue his playing career.  One would have to think a chance at a Super Bowl title would be high on his list of needs when looking for his next team.  The Steelers will almost certainly be looking for a veteran tight end to bridge the gap until a younger draft pick can take over.  Seems like a perfect match, with money being the only deterrent for Pittsburgh.  If the two parties can agree on a contract, Jason Witten would be the ideal solution for the Steelers at tight end.