The Pittsburgh Steelers are a franchise filled with great players in its past.  What this article aims to do is pick out the most exciting most exciting Steelers players to ever play in Pittsburgh.  Not the most talented, or the most productive, just the players who could get you out of your seat the best.  Here is our list of the top five most exciting Steelers players of all time.

5.  Martavis Bryant:

Martavis Bryant had it all.  He had the size, speed, and big play ability to become one of the greatest receivers in Steelers history.  Unfortunately he also had the demons of drug abuse that have now derailed his career.  Already suspended several times by the league, he is now on an indefinite suspension. There is real doubt on whether he will ever play in the NFL again.

All that aside, the two magical seasons Bryant did play in Pittsburgh will always be remembered as some of the most exciting of any Steelers player.  He averaged over eighteen yards per catch, and had fourteen touchdowns during those two years.   Bryant’s longest reception in each of those seasons were 94 in 2014, and 88 in 2015.  This was a testament to his amazing big play ability. It may not have lasted long, but Martavis Bryant was must watch tv every time he stepped onto the field.

4.  Rod Woodson:

Rod Woodson is one of the greatest corners Steelers history, but that’s not the whole story.  He also may be the best returners Pittsburgh ever had as well.  While we are at it, let’s throw in best one of the best overall athletes in team history.  Woodson had four punt/kick return touchdowns  during his eight years with the team.  Every time he got his hands on the ball it was electric.  All this while being best corner back ever to where the black and gold. Rod Woodson belongs on any list pertaining to great players in this team’s history.

For those of you too young to remember take a look here:

3.  Antonio Brown:

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Antonio Brown’s accomplishments with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  We all remember him as one of the greatest receivers of all time, but he was also a premier punt returner for a good portion of his career as well.  Brown can boast five career return touchdowns which is tied for most in team history with Antwaan Randle-El.  No matter the opponent or teammate, Antonio Brown was the most exciting player every time he stepped out onto the field.

2. Lynn Swann:

When you think about the name Lynn Swann, you literally think of exciting catches.  What separates him from the other offensive players on this list is the fact that Swann did some of his best work in the biggest games.  His highlight reel catches are a staple of the Super Bowl era.

Forget just the Steelers, Swann is up there with the most exciting in NFL history.  He may not rank as high as some on the career stats, but anyone who saw Lynn Swann play knows he was the most exciting offensive player ever to play in Pittsburgh.

1.  Troy Polamalu:

If you are a true Pittsburgh Steelers fan, then defense comes first.  And when it comes to defensive players, nobody can touch Troy Polamalu when it comes to excitement.  It was only a short time ago, but even now its stunning to go back and watch the highlights  

Troy Polamalu did things on a football field that no one had ever done before, or has been done since.  His athleticism, and his feel for the game set him apart from anyone else.  Polamalu’ s list of accomplishments are like none other:

32 interceptions

12 sacks

783 tackleS

14 forced fumbles

3 touchdowns

This first ballot Hall of Farmer will go down as one of the greatest Steelers players of all time, and without question the most exciting.