Halloween is upon us, and that got me to thinking. If I could pick the perfect costume for certain past and present Steelers what would I choose? Here are a few of my favorite ideas……Happy Halloween!

Antonio Brown: The Joker

Has there ever been a bigger clown go through Pittsburgh than Antonio Brown? Mr. Big Chest has gone through three franchises and tens of millions of dollars all in less than a year. Brown is a mixed bag of evil, sad, and crazy all rolled up into one.

James Washington: Ghost

This was supposed to be a bounce back season, after a miserable rookie campaign. Ya not so much. Some of it can be blamed on the quarterback situation, but Washington did nothing in the game and half Ben Roethlisberger actually played in.

Kevin Colbert: Gordon Gekko

The usually conservative Colbert has turned into the NFL version of Gordon Gekko! Trading draft picks as if they were junk bonds. Players like Minkah Fitzpatrick and Devin Bush are the results from his new found aggressiveness.

Le’Veon Bell: Andy Dufresne

I bet Bell is willing to crawl through 500 yards of shit to make his way out of New York right now! His coach doesn’t want him, his quarterback sees ghosts, and the team is awful. The grass isn’t always greener no matter how much you get paid.

Mike Tomlin: House

Mike Tomlin must feel like he needs to preform medical miracles with all the injuries his team has suffered this season. First Ben Roehtlisberger, then Stephon Tuitt, and now ALL the running backs. It’s just been one of those years!

Donte Moncrief: Butterfinger Alien

Donte Moncrief has dropped a lot more passes than he has caught this season. He was supposed to be the deep threat this team so badly needed. Now the only question is when will he be released to ensure the Steelers get their comp pick for Le’Veon Bell.

Mason Rudolph: Astronaut

I mean I’m going to leave it right here……

Ju Ju Smith-Schuster: Rodney Dangerfield

All this talk of whether or not Ju Ju is a number one receiver is down right disrespectful. Get some decent quarterback play in Pittsburgh and you’ll get your answer.

Danny Smith: Goat

No not G.O.A.T., goat. Anyone who’s seen Danny Smith work over a piece of gum will understand.

Zach Banner: The Hulk

At 6’8″ and around 350 lbs, just add a little green make up and you’re good here. Not too mention his last name is already Banner.