Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 216lbs

40 yard dash: 4.62

2017 stats: 1327 yards rushing, 455 yards receiving, 11 Tds

2018 stats: 824 yards rushing, 378 receiving, 14 Tds

By now we all know the details of the incident that got Kareem Hunt released by the Kansas City Chiefs. A video surfaced showing Hunt shoving a woman to the ground last off-season. Admittedly, this player would be a hard sell to Steelers ownership because of that. Hunt does not have any history of violent crime in his past however, suggesting he may be worthy of a second chance. Whichever team does chose to sign the talented running back should find themselves quite a bargain. Hunt will almost certainly be signing a team friendly contract in order to rehabilitate his image for a few years.

Baggage aside, the Steelers would be getting a premiere running back for short money should they decide to go this rout. Hunt would be the perfect compliment to James Conner in the Steelers backfield. His pass catching ability, and knack for the big play would be a welcomed addition to the offense. As far as on the field goes, this would be a no brainer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whether or not the Steelers want to get involved with a player with the type of issues Hunt had is another question. After the past few seasons, the Steelers are probably extremely reluctant to add a player who might bring more drama to the team. He is still only twenty three years old, and it could be argued there is some growing up to do here. Pittsburgh could mitigate most of the risk by signing Hunt to a contract with very little in guaranteed money. That way the team could easily part ways if any other issues arose. This is the type of risky move that could pay huge dividends for both sides. The Steelers would get one of the best offensive weapons in the game at a discount, while Hunt could repair his image and get back into the league.