Thanksgiving is here, so I got to thinking. We as Steelers fans have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s just a short list I threw together…..

___ 7-2-1 – For making the Steelers the two seed in the AFC.

___ TJ Watt – For being the first linebacker to reach double digit sacks since James Harrison in 2010.

___ Hue Jackson – For being the the worst head coach of all time.

___ November 13th – For being the day we finally got clarity on the Le’Veon Bell situation.

___ AB – For still being the best wide receiver in the NFL.

___ Mike Tomlin – For giving us his best coaching performance yet. After a 1-2-1 start, and all the drama surrounding this team early on, its amazing this team is where it is.

___ Marvin Lewis – For keeping the Cincinnati Bengals bad to mediocre for fifteen straight years.

___ Big Ben – For another season of being a top tier quarterback.

___ Jon Gruden – For graciously giving the Steelers a third round pick for a player the team was desperate to get rid of.

___ John Dorsey – For bringing Hue Jackson back for one more season, AND replacing him with Gregg Williams.

___ James Conner – For making us all forget that guy who used to play running back. What’s his name again?

___ Vance McDonald – For regularly running over helpless defensive backs.

___ Artie Burns – For not playing.

___ Jacksonville Jaguars – For keeping Blake Bortles as your quarterback.

___ Ju Ju Smith Schuster – For becoming a top tier wide reciever in only your second season.

___ 2017 draft – For bringing us TJ Watt, Ju Ju Smith Schuster, and James Conner. What a haul!

___ Philadelphia Eagles – For defeating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl!

___ Joe Jaden/Mike Hilton/Sean Davis – For finally giving us a respectable secondary.

___ Offensive line – For being the best in the NFL.

___ Josh Dobbs – For that one throw.

___ Ryan Switzer – For finally giving us a respectable return specialist.

___ Kevin Cobert – For being one of the very best general managers in the NFL.