Any of you who follow my blog know from time to time I like to do a sports uniform/helmet/logo list. Ever since I was a child I’ve been fascinated by them. Here’s my latest on the top 10 logo’s of defunct sports teams:

10. Montreal Expos: This MLB franchise existed from 1969-2004. The classic M logo was a big part of National League baseball during the 70’s and 80’s

9. Seattle SuperSonics: The Sonics moved to Oklahoma City in 2009 after 41 years in Seattle. They still have one of the better logos in the NBA.

8. Houston Oilers: The Oilers were a franchise that survived the merger from the old AFL. How in the world a city as big as Houston lost a team is beyond me. We lost one of the better logos in the NFL as a result.

7. San Diego Mariners: Have to be honest, I didn’t even know this franchise existed until I did a little research for this post. The Mariners were a WHL hockey franchise from 1974-1977. What a great logo design, seemingly an influence on the Islanders.

6. Houston Colt .45s: Many of you may not know, but when the Houston Astros became an expansion team in 1962 they were first called the Colt .45s. I love both logos and would have a hard time choosing between the two.

5. San Antonio Gunslingers: The USFL is near and dear to my heart. I was a big fan of the league. The Gunslingers had a very unique logo and great color scheme.

4. San Diego Conquistadors: Another franchise I discovered during research. This ABA franchise played from 1972-1975. It may be the one of the best basketball logos of all time.

3. Oklahoma Outlaws: Another USFL franchise, this Outlaw logo is one of my all-time favorites. This franchise was originally supposed to play in San Diego, and then in Honolulu, before settling in Oklahoma City.

2. Boston Breakers: Since the day I saw this, it has been one of my favorite logos in sports. The unique wave design, with the different shades of blue color scheme is just fantastic.

1. Hartford Whalers: As a kid growing up in New England during the 80’s the Whalers were a rival to my Boston Bruins. It was sad to see them leave to Carolina and those horrendous Hurricane uniforms. The Whale will always be missed.