I know, I know. This sounds like a crazy, impossible idea. But is it? Recent news out of Oakland is that Jon Gruden is not happy with Bryant so far in camp. Now we have to consider that this just may be his way of motivating his new receiver. The fact is however, that Martavis Bryant is not what you’d call the prototypical west coast offense player. The Steelers did his career no favors trading him to a team that runs that system. Gruden was quoted as saying “he has to be more versatile in this offense”. That means running shorter, more possession routes. It also means moving around and playing some slot receiver. None of this plays to Martavis’ strengths, and it’s certain he’s not crazy about that kind of role. Reading between the lines, you can imagine a tense situation developing. Especially after Bryant missed some practices with an “illness”. The Raiders may already be realizing they made a mistake, and could be looking for a way out.

Kevin Colbert was pretty much heralded as a genius for fleecing Oakland for a third round pick in exchange for Bryant. How about Colbert doubling down on this move by re-acquiring Bryant for a sixth or seventh round pick? Better yet, he could just wait to see if the Raiders cut Bryant and scoop him up for nothing. It’s not like the Steelers couldn’t use another wide out right now. There isn’t much to get excited about after Antonio Brown and Ju Ju Smith-Schuster. The hope is rookie James Washington can fill the role of this team’s deep threat in place of Bryant. That’s not an easy task for a player entering his first year in the league. People often forget that Antonio Brown had his best season in 2015, when coincidentally Martavis Bryant was playing at his best on the other side. Granted, getting Bryant to play his best has been the trick the last couple of seasons. Having said that, he’s still a better option than DHB or Justin Hunter.

All of this of course is just pure speculation. These reports could all end up being just noise, and Martavis may end up having a big year for the Oakland. The Raiders probably would keep Bryant around, if for nothing else just to save face. Not to mention the very real possibility that Pittsburgh would not bring Bryant back under any circumstances. It’s hard to argue that this team could go without the type of drama that seems to follow Martavis Bryant. The chances of him ever coming back are slim at best. Hell crazier things have happened with this team though right?