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10 players who disappointingly didn’t finish their careers as a Steeleri

The reality of James Harrison being on the New England Patriots has begun to set in. In keeping with that theme, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some other important Steelers players who finished their careers elsewhere……

  1. Mike Merriweather – Probably one of the more underrated of the great Steelers linebackers. Merriweather started all but one game over four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.
  2. Levon Kirkland – One of my favorite Steelers linebackers of all time. He played inside linebacker at 270lbs (that may be on the light side). He went on to play in both Seattle and Philadelphia.
  3. Plaxico Burress – Burress is a wide receiver who never quite fulfilled his immense potential in Pittsburgh. He got himself in some real trouble with the New York Jets after leaving the Steelers.
  4. Greg Lloyd – Lloyd was one of the most feared linebackers in Steelers history. He was a major factor in those great 90’s defenses. Lloyd finished his career with the Carolina Panthers.
  5. Santonio HolmesHolmes off the field issues got him traded to the New York Jets. On the field he was a great wide receiver. Who could forget his Super Bowl MVP performance against the Cardinals.
  6. Kevin Greene – Yet another great 90’s linebacker who finished up somewhere else. Like Greg Lloyd, Greene also ended up in Carolina
  7. Rod Woodson – The best cornerback in Steelers history went on to play seven more seasons with 3 different teams. Most noticeably of all were his years with the hated Baltimore Ravens.
  8. Mike Webster – Many people forget the anchor of the 4 time Super Bowl champion Steelers offensive line went on to play two seasons in Kansas City. If ever there was a player who should’ve finished his career in Pittsburgh, it’s him.
  9. Franco Harris – Even I had forgotten Harris had played one season for the Seahawks. Really bizarre seeing him in that uniform.
  10. James Harrison – Of course we come to the most recent and most controversial of them all. No matter how it happened, Harrison will go down as one of the very top linebackers the Steelers ever had. That’s really saying something with this team.




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