Rookie Cam Sutton has been activated from the IR this past week.  The Steelers now have three weeks to put him on the 53 man roster.  The question will be who will he replace on the roster?  An injury may make this an easy decision, but if all remains healthy here’s a look at the likely candidates to be bounced off the roster.

Coty Sensabaugh – It’s the most obvious choice right?  They play the same position, and Sensabaugh has been rarely used so far this season.  It becomes even more likely when you consider the team carries another corner in Brian Allen who rarely plays either.  I hope Sensabaugh is renting in Pittsburgh because his days are numbered.

J.J. Wilcox/Robert Golden – It wouldn’t be a stretch to see either one of these two get cut to make room for Sutton.  Neither one has stood out when given a chance to play safety.  Special teams play would probably give Golden the leg up if it came down to these two for a roster spot.

Josh Dobbs – This is a long shot given the Steelers history of keeping three quarterbacks on the active roster.  It makes all the sense in the world though when you consider Dobbs is never active on game day.  Why not cut him, and move him to the practice squad.  That would allow the Steelers to keep the rest of the roster whole while adding Sutton.  It’s highly doubtful any other team would claim Dobbs off waivers given his inactivity since he was drafted.

Daniel McCullers – He has long been predicted to be cut by most going all the way back to when training camp started.  Yet somehow Daniel McCullers manages to stay on this roster.  There must be a reason the rest of us don’t see as to why the team keeps him around.  Given the way Tyson Alualuand to a lesser extent L.T. Walton have played, McCullers is certainly expendable.