DeAngello Williams put any doubt to rest that he might end his football career and pursue a vocation in pro-wrestling.  During a podcast with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Williams announced his retirement from wrestling and his desire to continue to play in the NFL.  The question is, why haven’t the Steelers shown more interest in bringing back the veteran running back?  Williams quite possibly represents the best free agent signing Steeler’s GM Kevin Colbert has ever produced.  In 2015, Williams saved Pittsburgh’s season when he replaced Le’veon Bell after an injury ended his year abruptly.  His nearly 1,300 yards of total offense in only 10 games as a starter were a big reason the team still managed to make the playoffs despite the injury to such a key player.  Even last season Williams looked affective in the limited snaps he got behind Bell, who was in the midst of the best year of his career.

One would think having a veteran running back behind Le’veon Bell would be a priority for the Steelers.  It’s three seasons running now that Bell has not finished the year healthy.  That is a fact the team must be concerned about heading into 2017.  As it stands, rookie James Conner is in line as the backup for the running back position.  The Steelers seems high on the former Pitt ball carrier, but is it wise to have only a rookie to turn to if the worst case scenario occurs?  The other possible candidate to back up Bell is Knile Davis, who the club signed away from the Kansas City ChiefsDavis is more of a third down back/kick returner than anything else.  He is not somebody you’d want to see as an every down back.  Davis has never managed more than 460 yards duri career in the league. 

So I ask the question again, why isn’t DeAngello Williams a Pittsburgh Steeler right now?  He has been a such an important player for the team in his two seasons in Pittsburgh.  Granted, 34 year old running backs aren’t the most desired commodity in the NFL.  Williams also carries an injury risk, especially at that age.  With that in mind though, he surely can be had on a near minimum contract if Pittsburgh so chose.  It seems a no-brainer the team should bring him back for at least this upcoming season.  Perhaps both sides were waiting to see how the wrestling venture would turn out.  In any case, it would be a mistake if the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t bring back Williams to have just in case the unthinkable happens……..again.