In this post we take a look at which Steeler players have the top trade value going into the 2017 season.  When looking at players trade value, there are numerous factors that go into determining who is the most desirable.  Position, contract, age, and health are just a few of the things teams look at when trying to acquire a player.  For example, Martavis Bryant may be one of the most talented players on the team right now.   When you take into consideration all his off-field problems though, GMs around the league would be unwilling to give up very much to get him with all the risk involved.  Taking all that into consideration, here is a list of the top 5 players on the Steelers roster when it comes to trade value:

5.  Bud Dupree –  Edge rushers are at a premium in the NFL these days.  Especially young ones who are on cheap contacts.  While he hasn’t put up much in the way of stats, Dupree showed enough at the end of last season to prove he’s a young player on the way up.  A former first round pick with plenty of upside at a key position would certainly bring Pittsburgh a good haul in return.

4.  Ryan Shazier –  This a player on the verge of a major breakout season, and teams around the league know it.  In terms of pure physical skills, there may not be a better linebacker in the NFL than Ryan Shazier.  His blazing speed at his size make him the ideal linebacker for the way football is played today.  Shazier might be number one on this list if not for the injury concerns.  His various injuries have caused him to miss too many games over his short career, and it’s a definite red flag for anyone who would look to acquire him.

3.  Le’veon Bell –  It’s a testament to how very good Bell is that he shows up third on this list.  There are almost too many drawbacks to mention when it comes to the Steelers super star running back.  From injuries and drug suspensions, to the impending immense contract he will be seeking, there’s a lot not to like here.  The bottom line is he’s so far and away better than any other back in the league when you consider his pass catching along with his running abilities that the Steelers could demand quite a bit in return.  Some GMs might try to lowball Pittsburgh, but there would be more than one team that would be willing to pay big for the chance to get a special talent like Bell.

2.  Ben Roethlisberger –  The most important position in the league today is quarterback, and it’s not even close.  Even at his age, and his hints at retirement, Ben Roethlisberger would be one of the most desirable players in the league.  He’s a top 3 quarterback with multiple Super Bowls in his resume.  That’s enough to make most teams drool, especially the ones who think they’re just a quarterback away from being a serious contender.  If Big Ben were a few years younger this wouldn’t even be a competition as to who has the most value.

1.  Alejandro Villanueva –   You may not realize it, but the Steelers may have one of the most coveted players in the league on their offensive line.  Villanueva checks all the boxes when it comes to trade value.  He plays a premier position at left tackle, he’s still young (28 years old), and he’s under team control for the foreseeable future.  Villanueva is an exclusive rights free agent for the next two seasons which basically means he has very little leverage whatsoever, and stands to make not much more than league minimum money during this time.  Even if he were to get a long-term contract, his lack of bargaining power would lead to a deal far below what a top end tackle makes.  His play over last season improved so much that he may be considered a Pro-Bowl caliber left tackle in 2017.  Because of that, rumors swirled that the Steelers got several inquiries about Villanueva in the months leading up to the draft.  With the Steelers possibly in the market for a quarterback if Roethlisberger decides to retire after 2017, they will have the big chip they need in Villanueva to get a blockbuster deal done.