1. What exactly is the issue with Shamarko Thomas?  –  We’ve all wondered this from his second season through today.  Once again Thomas has been passed over in favor of former practice squad player Jordan Dangerfield.  It isn’t for a lack of athleticism, or at least I don’t think it is. People speculate Thomas’ “football smarts” isn’t what it should be, and that’s the reason he can’t break into the staring lineup.  Whatever the reason, it’s clear he will never be a starter on this football team barring catastrophic injuries.  I’d love once and for all to hear why from the man making the decisions.
  2. What was the frustration level with Le’veon Bell’s latest suspension? – There really is no excuse for Bell’s latest transgression.  Missing a drug test was immature and selfish on his part.  Tomlin and the Steelers brass must have been frustrated to no end.  Did moving on from Bell ever enter the conversation?   We probably will never know the answer to that question, unless of course…..
  3. Coach what do you think the future holds for Martavis Bryant?  We all know the kind of talent your dealing with when you talk about Martavis Bryant.  The question I’d like answered is what kind of man is he?  Does he have what it takes to put his troubles behind him and become an elite reciever in the NFL??  I’m sure Mike Tomlin has a fascinating opinion one way or the other, and I’d like to hear it unfiltered.  
  4. Can you move forward with Ryan Shazier as the centerpiece of your defense?  Once again Ryan Shazier is missing games due to injury.  He has not played a full season since entering the league, and there is real concern about whether he ever will.  Pittsburgh will have a decision to make on picking up his 5th year option or signing him to a long term deal.  Where  coach Tomlin stands on this issue would be interesting to hear. 
  5. Did you intentionally get in the way of Jacoby Jones that night against Baltimore?  Every Steeler fan knows the play where Tomlin impeded Jones on the sideline as he was returning a punt back for an apparent touchdown.  His actions allowed Cortez Allen to catch Jones from behind, preventing a score.  Tomlin was fined $100,000 by the league, but maintained it was not done on purpose.  What exactly were you thinking at that moment coach?? Oh what I wouldn’t give for an honest answer to that!