Former Steelers standout LaMarr Woodley is claiming he is healthy, in shape, and is looking for a job this fall.  Would Pittsburgh be interested in the former Pro-Bowler?  The simple answer is a resounding no!  There is sure to be hard feelings over the way Woodley performed after signing a 6 year 61.5 million dollar contract in 2011.  He would only last 2 seasons with Pittsburgh before being let go.  That lead to the Steelers being saddled with huge dead money charges  on the cap over the next two seasons.  It really limited what Pittsburgh could do during that time.

Now the question is should they sign him despite all that?  My take is yes.  There would be no risk whatsoever.  Woodley would have to take a non gautanteed camp invite.  Surely the Steelers can afford to cut loose one of the dozens of camp bodies who will eventually be cut anyway.  If Woodley proves he’s in good physical condition and makes through training camp, he certainly would be at least the second best pass rusher on the team.  That’s taking into account that Bud Dupree gets considerably better this upcoming season, and that’s not set in stone by any means.  Pittsburgh failed to address one of there biggest needs by not drafting or signing an edge rusher.  Maybe Woodley buys them some time by having a decent season.  This is a player who averaged over 7 sacks per season for Pittsburgh.  That total would have tied him for the team lead last season. 

Granted it’s a huge leap to even suggest that LaMarr Woodley could stay healthy for an entire season.  He hasn’t played 16 games since 2010.  It’s an even bigger leap to say the Steelers would even consider signing him.  The point is can Pittsburgh afford not to roll the dice on a potential pass rusher like LaMarr Woodley?  I think the answer is obvious……no!