10.  Louis Lipps Lipps didn’t have the benefit of playing for a Super Bowl contender, so many may forget how good he was.  He amassed over 6,000 yards recieving in his career, which is good for fifth all time in Steeler history.

9.  Emmanuel Sanders – Sanders wasn’t a Steeler long, but he still manages to be in the top 25 in recieving yards all time.  He ranks as a top 10 talent ever to wear a Steeler jersey.n

8.  Yancey Thigpen – An underrated talent in my eyes.  Thigpen was the leading receiver during Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl team of 1996.  He finished his Steeler career with 3,600 yards and 21 touchdowns.

7.  Martavis Bryant –

This may be a controversial pick, but in terms of pure talent Bryant may be the best of the bunch.  If he ever gets his life in order, Bryant could be an NFL all-timer.

6. Plaxico Burress –  

Another player with a short lived Steeler career.  Burress never reached his full potential in Pittsburgh, or anywhere else for that matter.  He was a dangerous weapon with big play ability though.  Burress was able to compile 4,000 yards and 23 touchdowns in just 5 seasons with the Steelers. 

5.  Santonio Holmes – Holmes checkered off the field life ended up cutting his Steelers career short.  However, no Pittsburgh Steeler fan will ever forget his MVP performance in Super Bowl XLIII versus the Cardinals.  Holmes ended his tenure in Pittsburgh with 3,800 yards and 20 touchdowns.

4.  Hines Ward – Ward was a tough, physical, player who was one of the best blocking receivers in Steeler history.  He also was an exceptional weapon on offense. Hines Ward holds most all time Steeler recieving records including receptions, total yards, and touchdowns. Add to that, Ward got MVP in Super Bowl XL for his performance against the Seahawks.  

3.  Antonio Brown –

Brown already owns most single season recieving records for the Steelers in his brief career.  AB lead the entire league in yards in 2014.  The only thing keeping Antonio Brown from being number one on this list is his never having performed in the Super Bowl.  It’s the drawback of being being part of such a storied franchise.  Brown has plenty of time to change that. 

2.  John Stallworth – A four time Super Bowl champion, John Stallworth is one of the greatest receivers of his era.  He is second all time for Pittsburgh in yards with 8,700, and touchdowns at 63.  Stallworth averaged a whopping 40 yards per reception in Super Bowl XIV, and nearly 39 per reception in Super Bowl XIII.  

1.  Lynn Swann – One of the most acrobatic and exciting receivers you will ever see.  Lynn Swann was an incredible talent who shined when the moment was the biggest.  Swann had 161 yards recieving on route to getting MVP in Super Bowl X.  In nine seasons with the Steelers, Swann had 5,400 yards and 51 touchdowns.  He is truly one of the greatest of all time in the NFL, and the best Steeler receiver of all time.