With not much going on in the NFL this time of year, let’s have some fun looking at some interesting stats for AFC championship games.  As you might imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers heavily influence most stats and numbers associated with this game.

1. The Steelers have the most appearances in the AFC championship with 15.  The Patriots are second with 12, and the Raiders are third with 11.

2. Pittsburgh is in a 3 way tie for most wins with the Patriots and the Broncos at 8.  Unfortunately the Steelers are also tied with the Raiders for most losses with 7.

3.  The Steelers were part of the highest scoring AFC championship.  Regrettably they were on the losing end of a 45-28 beating at the hands of Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins.  The Buffalo Bills have the record for most points scored in one game, scoring 51 against the Raiders in 1991.

4.  The record for most home games belongs to  Pittsburgh with 11.  They are 6-5 overall in the AFC title game at home.

5. The AFC Central is 12-12 overall in conference championship games. The Bengals are 2-0, Ravens 2-2, while the lowly Browns are 0-3.

6. The Steelers have scored the most points (332) and given up the most points (303) in the AFC championship game history.

7.  Franco Harris is tied with Thurman Thomas for being the leading rusher in the AFC title game, each doing it 4 times.

8. Bill Belichick has been to the game a record 6 times, Don Shula 5 times, Chuck Noll and Marv Levy 4 each.

9. Tom Brady holds the record with 6 wins, John Elway 5, Terry Bradshaw is tied for third with 4. (Bradshaw is the only one in the group without a loss)

10. The New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs have gone the longest without winning the AFC championship, neither have one it since the merger in 1970.  The Bengals have gone the longest since appearing in the game at 26 years. The Houston Texans are the only team never to appear in the game.