15. Iowa – Ok I’m a sucker for the black and gold, but the helmet is pretty original. 

 14.  SMU – SMU has the classic horse on the helmet, colors are good as well. I can still see Eric Dickerson wearing these great unis. 

 13. Arkansas – The helmet does it for me, any team that can pull off a pig as a logo is a winner in my book.  

 12. USF – Souhtern Florida has good logo and color scheme.  

 11. Kansas St. – Wildcats have a unique helmet logo, and utilize purple which is rare in football.  

10. Missouri – Tigers recently went away from the boring M on the helmet, to the much improved tiger logo. 

9. Clemson – Classic paw print logo and bright orange uniforms make another tiger top 10 worthy.  

 8. Florida St. – Seminoles have the classic Redskins arrow logo. Maroon and gold work well on football jerseys. 

7. San Diego St. – This version of the Aztects jersey is worthy of a top 10 placement. 

6. North Carolina – Tarheels have one of my favorite color combinations, light blue and black.  

5. Louisiana Lafayette – Rajun Cajuns have the coolest nicknames and jerseys to match.  

4. Air Force – Unlike the other service academies, Air Force is colorful and actually has a logo.  

3. Vanderbilt – Vandy has always had a black and gold color tandem. This uniform really works. 

2. Hawaii – A far cry from their old rainbow logos, this version is 100% better.  

1. Easy Carolina – Nothing beats skull and crossbones for a logo. Purple and black colors seals the deal for best uniforms.